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Malou Beauvoir




This is the time for us to engage in our democracy and make a difference!

Released on October 15, Beauvoir’s rendition of the iconic Steve Winwood hit reteams her with producers Chico Boyer and CheFF Lonchér (KAMOKEN) for the first single from her forthcoming new album


Music and mission have always been tightly intertwined for Malou Beauvoir. On her last album, 2018’s Spiritwalker, the Haitian-American singer-songwriter at once celebrated the Vaudou spirits that embody and enrich the culture of Haiti and conveyed their message of peace and awakening to the world at large.


Beauvoir stunningly carries forward that concept with her transformative rendition of Steve Winwood’s classic “Higher Love,” the first single from her forthcoming new album. The song, co-written by Winwood and Will Jennings, was a #1 hit in 1986, but feels just as relevant today – if not more so. The song, which Jennings has termed “a modern hymn,” speaks to a strong spiritual purpose that emanates from deep within the human heart. In the lyrics Beauvoir discovered a message of hope and empowerment at a time of crisis in America and around the world.


“One evening,” Beauvoir recalls, “I turned on the radio and heard ‘Higher Love,’ and I realized that I wanted more than anything to do my part to help remind people that we need to look higher and deeper within ourselves. We must strive to protect the values and ideals that America once represented. We need to nourish our minds and hearts with hope and realize that we can come back from this difficult period, but only if we are ALL willing to join hands and work to make our dreams a reality.”

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