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Malou Beauvoir Interviewed by LENA MAY DUVAL 2022

Thank you @LenaMayDuval for this beautiful moment spent together talking about life, music, songwriting and Vodou.

Un grand merci à #LenaMayDuval pour ce moment passé ensemble à discuter de la vie, l'écriture, la musique et le Vodou.


It's September again!! Birthday time... A new year full of promise...with New TV series that I am filming in Paris and Brussels until Dec 2022! Can't wait to be able to talk about it.

Also, a concert coming up at the Haitian Ladies Network® Group Conference on Oct 7-9, in Washington, DC with Haitian artist #JamesGermain, #RivaPrecil, #LindaFrancois, #RaphaelleFrancois, #MonvelynoAlexis, #ChicoBoyer to name just a few! IGNITE our Power!!!

Later in October I am honored to be performing at the #TibetFundGala, on OCT 20, in NYC, which is not only a Culinary treat with sensational #ChefEricRipert at the famed #LeBERNARDIN in NY, but also a opportunity to draw attention to what is happening to the Tibetan so many others!

Thank you #LENAMAYDUVAL, for taking me out of my shyness and offering this lovely interview... I love your point of view, your simplicity me sentais en famille! Also, thanks to amazing photographer Laurence Laborie who made this happen.

xxx Malou


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