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"Beauvoir’s is a bold, beautiful and important voice, not only in her invocation of Vaudou tradition, but in fostering a new kind of spirituality and social responsibility stemming from our roots, wherever they may lie."   


Haitian-American singer-songwriter

Malou Beauvoir


Spiritwalker is an homage to the Vaudou spirits and to Haitian culture. It is also a call to rise up against the forces polarizing and dividing us, and awaken to our spiritual heritage, drawing from its guidance and inspiration.


Born in Chicago to Haitian parents and raised in New York, Beauvoir is a highly emotive singer-songwriter and actor, her music a unique amalgamation of multi-cultural influences and experiences.


Following three jazz albums, Spiritwalker re-imagines treasured folk songs written for the Vaudou deities, the poignancy and soulfulness of Beauvoir’s vocals conveying deep affinity and veneration. The recording also presents original compositions inspired by contemporary social & political issues, and by the ancient spirits of Haiti, whispering in Malou’s ear since childhood.


The album features a multi-national musical family: including a core group from Haiti, , Chico Boyer (bass & production), Cheff Loncher (keyboards & production) and Paul Beaubrun (guitars and vocals, co-writing). As well as percussionists Sirgo Decius and Jean Guy Rene; from Cuba, pianist Axel Laugart; from Japan, pianist Yayoi Ikawa and guitarist Hiroyuki Yamada; from the US, guitarist Jon Gordon and bassist Calvin Jones, as well as Haitian-American Gashford Guillaume (drums).  



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