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Spiritwalker, arriving November 2nd 2018, from Haitian-American singer-songwriter Malou Beauvoir, is a call. It encourages us to rise up against the forces that work to polarize and drive us apart, to awaken to our spiritual ancestry, and to draw on that ancestry for guidance, support and inspiration.


The second single from Spiritwalker, “KOUZEN,”is an homage to the Vaudou spirit KOUZEN ZAKA and to Beauvoir’s Haitian culture. Kouzen is the powerful, yet down to earth, Haitian spirit  (LWA) of the land. He represents the humble yet hardworking peasant who transforms his land into wealth and as such is the spirit of money and riches. Rearranged with modern hip hop instrumentation and  an off beat raucous rap,  singing praises to KOUZEN ZAKA, the inspiring arrangement lends the song a sensuous reggae vibe.

 KOUZEN is originally a popular Haitian folk song.

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