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Haitian-American performing artist

Malou Beauvoir, is a captivating, highly emotive singer-songwriter and actor who brings to her artistry the unique amalgamation of her multi-cultural influences and experiences. A citizen of the world, she has lived in the US, Europe and Haiti, and traveled extensively; each culture she has encountered has impacted and informed her in different ways, reinforcing her openness to different perspectives and forms of spirituality.

Born in Chicago to Haitian parents, Malou was raised in New York. She moved to Paris at a young age to attend the American University and pursue her artistic passions. Juggling both art and business while earning an MBA and a senior position in the high-tech industry, by the end of the 1990s she devoted herself exclusively to singing and acting, securing engagements in venues around the world — from Dubai to Rio, Beirut, London, and Paris, where she performed for two years as lead singer at the renowned Paradis Latin. She currently splits her time between Brussels and New York, continuing to travel around the world.


Beauvoir’s acting career has included roles in Stephen Frears’ Oscar-winning The Queen, Élisabeth Rappeneau’s Paul et ses Femmes, in which she plays Agnes, a jazz singer (Beauvoir wrote the song she performs in the film), Christian Carion’s Farewell, and the hit TV series, Perception. She is currently filming Season 2 of  SPELLBOUND, a HULU/Cottonwood Media teen TV series in Paris. 


Malou has enjoyed a diverse recording career ranging from featured Universal France artist to collaborations with jazz, electro and pop artists, resulting in 5 independently released jazz albums and many collaborations.


Spiritwalker (2018), her sixth recording, co-produced by Chico Boyer and Cheff Loncher, is a tribute to her Haitian culture and roots, inspired both by contemporary social & political issues, and by the ancient spirits of Haiti.


“Papa Damballah" from the SPIRITWALKER album was featured in the end credits of Suzan Beraza’s poignant documentary “MASSACRE RIVER : Woman without a Country”. “Nwaye” co-written with Paul Beaubrun, was among the winners of the International Songwriting Competition in 2019 and the Vodou  infused single “Rasenbleman” has raised a rallying cry for Haitians all over the world.


Beauvoir's 2022 release, "Kenbem",(Peer Music/Universal), is the official creole adaptation of the Brendan Graham/ Rolf Lovland classic You Raise Me up. In her lyrics, she alludes to the relationship between Vaudou and the Christian faith in Haiti, offering a healing balm for both.


Beauvoir has performed internationally, sharing the stage with renowned musicians including Benny Wallace, Donald Vega, Danny Mixon, Terrell Stafford and Hernan Riley and has donated her performances, productions and support to non-profit organizations who are working to make this world a better place.


This includes performances for the Tibet Fund Gala in NY, the Fonkoze Gala in L.A,  Back Country Jazz fundraiser, “Roots for Development” Fundraiser and many others. 

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