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By Raoul Guillaume and adapted by Malou Beauvoir.


The sixth single from Malou Beauvoir’s  « SPIRITWALKER » album,  

PAPA DAMBALLAH speaks to one of the most ancient and revered spirits in Haitian Vaudou. Creator of all life, Papa Damballah, the great white snake,  represents wisdom, morality, creation, and equity .  

The song recalls we are all his children and asks for his protection and guidance in situations of injustice.  Beauvoir’s personal relationship with this spirit is emphasized during the spoken word passage when she « thanks him and the spirits that guide her everyday of her life for their support ». 

Originally recorded for her IS THIS LOVE album, the song appears on the SPIRITWALKER album as the closing song and was chosen as the end credit song in  Suzan Beraza’s film « MASSACRE RIVER: The Woman Without a Country  » which has been airing on PBS  since Oct 1 2019. 

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