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Spiritwalker, from Haitian-American singer-songwriter Malou Beauvoir, is a call. It encourages us to rise up against the forces that work to polarize and drive us apart, to awaken to our spiritual ancestry, and to draw on that ancestry for guidance, support and inspiration.


The 4th single from the SPIRITWALKER album, is a cry of revolt and of hope…. 

“NWAYE,”co-composed by Malou Beauvoir and Paul Beaubrun, is the Creole version of the French verb “to drown” (noyer). It alludes  to the fact that “figuratively, we are getting out of our depth, drowning in all the nonsense we are fed everyday by people trying to control our minds and actions,” says Malou  “We call on Erzuli [the spirit of love] to give us hope, help us keep a level head and make the right call.”Reacting to the Haitian Assembly’s proposed restrictions on the LGBT community and to other communities ostracized because of physical appearance, religious beliefs, skin color, etc. herlyrics speak out to people around the world, asking us to “look inside ourselves,  recognize injustice and have the courage to speak out..” 

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