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Spiritwalker, from Haitian-American singer-songwriter Malou Beauvoir, is a call. It encourages us to rise up against the forces that work to polarize and drive us apart, to awaken to our spiritual ancestry, and to draw on that ancestry for guidance, support and inspiration.


The third single from Spiritwalker, “THERE'S A MAN" ”is an homage to the Vaudou spirits and to Beauvoir’s spiritual heritage. “

THERE'S A MAN" was originally written by Beauvoir at the time of her awakening to the spiritual world. “I was troubled by visions of a man and a hild I could not recognize,” she recalls. “They spoke to me of peace, and of love for my fellow man.”  Remixed and remastere, the track adds hip hop flavors to  the album's fusion world music vibe!

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