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You Remind Me - by Greg Murphy ft. Malou Beauvoir and Frank Lacy

New album release #YouRemindMe - #WhalingCitySound

When pianiste #GregMurphy invited me to collaborate on his new album, I could not imagine how much this album would mean to all of us. I had been lucky enough to work with Greg on one of his previous albums, "Summer Breeze" where I had admired his extraordinary talent as a musician, songwriter and producer.

But 2023 was a crazy year for me, and even more so for Greg, who's beautiful wife, Nancy, was facing dire medical issues. This album is a tribute to Nancy who left us late last year. Her humour, beauty and eclectic tastes must have inspired Greg, for this album is rich and vibrant, in its variety, illustrating Greg's craftsmanship and emotional range. The title track, YOU REMIND ME, written by Greg, for Nancy, is a simply a stunningly beautiful song. I was overjoyed to sing on this tune with #Grammyaward-winning trombonist and vocalist, #FrankLacy, and his lovely gravelly voice. Greg named us "Puss & Roots" after our first takes.

The album features special guests violinist #ZachBroch, #DavidStoller, (harp and percussion) as well as long time collaborators #ObasiAkato (Bass) and #SteveJohns (Drums).

Music is about love ... and hard work... and inspiration... and the curve balls that life throws your way. So this album by Greg Murphy will forever hold a special place in my heart, for it is a tribute to Nancy, but also to Greg's fortitude and talent. Love you Greg ... and thanks for inviting me on board.

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