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Spiritwalker ...the beginning!

As I look forward to the upcoming release of SPIRITWALKER this summer, I can't help but look back on the road travelled since I started this project 2 years ago, the events that shaped the project and my joy at offering a contribution to the wonderful culture of Haitian Vaudou, which is ours... to cherish, to discover more fully and more importantly to pass on to those who will follow.

I started this journey with my close friend James Germain and the road led to "wise man" Chico Boyer and Cheff Loncher in Kamoken studios and of course Paul Beaubrun with whom I co-wrote and recorded 2 songs on the album! Although James and Paul are pursuing their own releases now...the family remains with a strong belief in the need to tell the story of our culture and our roots....and to walk in harmony with our LWA (spirits).

This was my first time presenting SPIRITWALKER material at the Jazz Mag festival last year in Paris...

As I learn to navigate this crazy world of social media, album release scheduling, I'll post a little bit about the project and history every week...histoire de faire connaissance!



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