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Annie O Presents Malou Beauvoir at PAC NYC on May 18, 2024

Where : Perelman Performing Arts Center Lobby Stage at 8pm Free Admission

Join us for Haitian Flag Day!!

PAC NYC pairs with the illustrious Annie Ohayon, music curator and publicist behind the careers of legends like Lou Reed, Peter Gabriel, Laurie Anderson, and Angelique Kidjo, among many others, to offer an intimate concert series for true music lovers.

Malou Beauvoir is a Haitian-American artist whose work reflects her global citizenship. Her music and social activism are deeply rooted in Haitian culture and spirituality. Her most recent album, SPIRITWALKER, blends traditional folk songs with original compositions that address contemporary issues such as politics, climate change, and human rights. Malou has donated her performances and support to the “TIBET FUND” Gala in NY, and other organizations who are working to make this world a better place.

Join Malou Beauvoir for an intimate concert featuring her original compositions and songs from around the world. Celebrate HAITIAN FLAG Day and discover the spiritual music from Haiti.

Rigaud Simon - Bass

Dominic James - Guitar

Doug Hinrichs - Percussions

Admission : Free

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