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FET OGOU / Ogoun Celebration with Monvelyno Alexis and Malou Beauvoir on Aug 14, 2023

Where : 204 Parkside Ave, Brooklyn

When : August 14, 2023 from 6pm - 12am

What to wear : Red or Black ...Put your Ogoun on!

How much : $25

August is the month of the Nago spirit OGOU! Loved and respected as the spirit of Justice, Truth, Fire and Metal, this mighty warrior spirit has inspired many a warrior and is known for his swift and exacting justice. He is also known for choosing beautiful powerful women to be his wives and consorts and he spoils them with riches and protects them well. Join us in celebrating with him this Saturday at an evening of music, spirituality and Joy hosted by Haitian musicians and artist Monvelyno Alexis, Malou Beauvoir and the Hougans who will lead the celebration!

Throw on your red shirt or scarf and bring your offerings of Rhum, Cigars, Florida Water and rice & beans during a fun evening of music, dance, storytelling and drumming.


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