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For Your Consideration - KENBEM -Best Global Music Performance category

As 2021 draws to a close, so does Grammy Voting! It's been a year full of turmoil but also of spirituality and growth. This year we learned to give thanks for each new precious day and to savour the moment... I am submitting, for your consideration, KENBEM (Hold on), a song I love and adapted into Creole from the Rolf Lovland / Brendan Graham classic "You Raise Me Up". It was during the pandemic and I saw so many workers in healthcare, but also taxi drivers, bus drivers, cashiers and others out there giving us their all despite a real fear for their own safety.

I wrote my creole version of the lyrics to bring hope to the Haitian community during that time and many have told me that it did....I now hope this version brings a moment of JOY and HOPE to all of you. So, have a listen below. If you love it and haven't completed your Grammy vote yet, then feel free to vote for "KENBEM" in the BEST GLOBAL MUSIC PERFORMANCE category! If not...Just enjoy it.... KENBEM soundcloud link -

I've included a link to the video with English subtitles also if you feel like having a look!

Thanks and AYIBOBO!

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