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Malou Beauvoir and BIC tonight w/ Jacques Dorvil on HAITI CULTURE and RADIO INDEPENDANCE

Stream live on Facebook and UNION 9 TV!

So happy to be joining Jacques Dorvil tonight with Haitian artist BIC on his shows (Haiti Culture and Radio Indépendence)from 5- 7pm! Tune in!

Ayiti kilti, Radyo Endepandans samdi sa a, 21 Out la ap resevwa BIC e Malou Beauvoir anmenmtan. Yon veritab bouyon kiltirèl! 90.9 fm , andirèk Fb e UNION9 TV . Randevou kase!

Haiti culture, Radio Independence this Saturday, August 21th will receive BIC and Malou Beauvoir at the same time. A real cultural broth! 90.9 fm, live Fb (Pascal Franz/Radio Indépendance) and UNION9

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