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Malou Beauvoir releases new single “RASENBLEMAN” Featuring Paul Beaubrun

The first single from Spiritwalker, “Rasenbleman,” is an homage to the Vaudou spirits and to Beauvoir’s Haitian culture. The song was written by Haitian actress/singer Toto Bissainte (b. 1934), who is known for her unique fusion of traditional Vaudou and folkloric themes with modern forms of music. The term itself holds a double meaning: “A rassemblement is a rally, or gathering,” explains Beauvoir. “In the context of this song it means ‘join hands in unity’ or ‘rally together,’ to find out what happened to ‘les vieux frères’ (the ancestors)—the African and Indian tribes decimated during slavery—and to use our voices to move forward in unity.”

With renowned Haitian singer-songwriter Paul Beaubrun joining Malou on vocals, the song is transformed into an up-tempo, impassioned battle cry for all disinherited peoples to unite and bring about awareness and change.



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