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Musings on ALOGORITH OCEAN TRUE BLOOD MOVES by Julien Creuzet - Nov 10 & 11, 2023

Reflecting on this weekend's performance in #Juliencreuzet / #Performa stunning piece, I realize how important it is for people from each of our unique cultures to tell our own stories.

Julien is a unique and gifted artist from Martinique, chosen to represent France in the prestigious 2024 Venice Biennale, but he and choreographer Ana Pi are also children of the spirits and a part of the Caribbean and Brazilian diaspora.

The imprint of our ancestral Vodou is very real in their work and so, the curiosity it inspired, not only within myself, but in the audience, awakened me to the need to to speak out and share.

I hope we will continue, each in our own unique way, to share our stories....about our culture, whether Vodou or Celtique, Aboriginal, African or Norse. May these beautiful stories forge a bridge between our diverse cultures and foster a greater understanding of what we all uniquely contribute to this crazy world.

I thank Julien, Ana, the #AlvinAiley dancers which performed, Julia, Charles and the entire team from #Performa for this experience. Also, a special thanks to a magician of sound, engineer, Max, who seamlessly managed our sound.

Thanks to those walked before us and the spirits in whose honor we performed...


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