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New Single THE WORLD IS CRYING by Malou Beauvoir ft Francis Mbe & Joao Parahyba

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

In this period of continued turmoil, I am happy and proud to have teamed up with 2 amazing musicians to record this track during COVID. #FrancisMBE from Cameroun and #JoaoParahyba from Brazil. Francis and I co-wrote and co-produced the track with co-producers #KAMOKEN, (#ChicoBoyer and #CheffLoncher) and Black Feeling Records, which is Francis's label. Joao brought spiritual magic with his percussions and we were honoured to have this superstar on the track as for more than 50 years João Parahyba has been among the most renowned names in #Brazilianpercussion. In the late 1960s he combined the timba with the drumset to create a unique way of playing - #Timbatera.

I also want to say a big thanks to the #BeyondMusic platform which is how we all met. This unique platform links musicians from all over the world and allowed us to meet up and create our across 3 different continents.

Many would say this is not the time to focus on Music and the Arts, while war is raging in Ukraine, Haiti and elsewhere in the world and the COVID epidemic has taken such a toll.

I feel on the contrary that our duty, as artists, is to speak out and use our voices to bring attention the madness we are facing and awaken people's hearts and minds to the need for any cost.

I thought I was losing my mind during these past 2 years, in a world spiraling out of control. I took a long break, far from the news, social media, and the everyday frenzy of highlighting and promoting negative messages and events.

During my time away, I realized that we do have choice.

We have the choice to opt for peace.

We have the power not to engage in the craziness that we are being propelled into by the politicians, media and other actors in this game.

We have the choice to refuse to submit to those trying to fan the flames of racial and religious divisiveness.

We can choose simply to love our world and our fellow human beings.

"THE WORLD IS CRYING "may not be as raw as some of my previous world music tracks, but make no mistake, for it is truly a call for us to stop and take notice.

As Francis MBE's Yezum lyrics entreat the spirits to hear our prayers, I call to a new generation of spiritual warriors to rise, put aside the prejudices and experiences that were part of our world and to forge a new path based on their own truth and the hope in their hearts. Heal the world by healing ourselves.

You guys know I tend to get bit heavy when it comes to social injustice... so I'll stop here!

I dedicate this track to my fellow Haitians, to the Ukrainians and Russians and all other victims trapped in an impossible situation.

May the spirits guide us through this tunnel!


Check out the track on my New Releases page or Click on the link below :


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